Let's Get Physical

March 1, 2006
Day 154

Jack and I spent most of the day wandering around Rosario today. We quickly realized that we should have left yesterday as there is not much for tourists to do here. At some point in the afternoon, sloth caught up with both of us and we decided to check out a gym. I hadn't lifted weights in over six months, and I quickly learned that I have since withered into a small pile of skin and bones. I wasn't too frustrated with my weakness, though, because the weights were listed in metric, so I never really knew how much I was lifting (or attempting to lift). Metric or not, I'm sure I'll be sore for the next week.

Tonight, we tried to find some kind of a night scene, but apparently there is none. Even the locals didn't know of anything going on in town. Maybe the weekends are better here, but it still seems amazing to me that there's nowhere fun to go in a city of over a million people.

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2 thoughts on “Let's Get Physical

  1. Nic

    Thanks for ensuring me I'm not "old" yet :) After the two and a half weeks of being sick any muscle mass I had seems to have whithered away. So far, no meetings this week except Friday so I should be able to make it to the gym and rebuild a bit. Safe travels to you!

  2. Rohit

    I am glad you will not compete with me in "finger" fighting competition. I have been practicing on my key board continuosly :-)

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