On To San Luis

March 30, 2006
Day 183

It was time to leave town today. Everything I needed to get taken care of for my insurance was done. The waiting game had begun. I said goodbye to Kristian and Wendy and headed to the bus station.

My next stop was San Luis, just a few hours east of Mendoza. At the bus station, I found several companies with buses going to San Luis, but none of them would leave for at least two hours. Finally, I was able to find one that was set to leave in five minutes. I bought my ticket and went to the platform the bus supposed to be at, anxious to get out of town.

Buses are commonly late in Argentina, so for the first half hour, I waited patiently. A lot of other people around me seemed to be in my predicament as well. I started asking around, and everyone else was indeed waiting for the same bus, too.

After an hour, I did some more investigation. The lady who sold me the ticket didn't seem to have much of an explanation other than the bus still hadn't shown. Finally, after about two hours of waiting, the bus showed up. The driver was unapologetic and we took off without another word being said. So much for searching for the bus leaving the soonest.

By the time I got so San Luis, it was already late at night. I found the only hostel in town and got settled in. I hadn't planned on doing much in San Luis, but I got some information from the hostel owner and it looks like there is a lot to do around here. Maybe I'll stay for a few days after all.

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