One Massive City

April 18, 2007
Day 567

Picture of Sao Paulo.

Central Sao Paulo.

I took the bus into downtown Sao Paulo today. I thought Rio de Janeiro was a huge city but Sao Paulo is twice as big. Everywhere I walked, there were masses of people hurrying to get somewhere. Unlike Rio, Sao Paulo doesn't have any mountains, oceanfront, or forests within the city, so it's just a huge mass of city that never seems to end. Just to see how big the city really was, I went to the Banesco building, a thirty-five story office tower in the middle of the city that has an observation deck at the top. From there I could see buildings all the way to the horizon. There were no huge skyscrapers in the center like there are in big American cities, but nevertheless the tall buildings never seemed to end.

Tonight I met up with Vivi and her friend Silvia to watch some soccer on TV. One of the teams from Sao Paulo is in the South American championships and was playing a huge game in Peru. However, the crowd at the stadium was pretty sparse. I guess Brazil is just too good for any other fans to pay much attention to their own teams. Sao Paulo ended up crushing the other team, 1-0.

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