Motivating Myself To Get Moving

October 6, 2007
Day 738

Picture of llama.

A llama at Cajas.

I wanted to go to Cajas National Park today, but I was really low on energy for some reason. Maybe it was my recent atrophy, but for some reason, I just didn't seem to have it in me to leave. Somehow, not making changes in life is always easier than making them.

By mid afternoon, I finally had bought enough food and fuel for the next few days and took off. The bus went right into the mountains at over 4000 meters and dropped me off at Laguna Toreadora, in the northern part of the park. It was a nice place and the friendly ranger showed me a good place to camp, although I was the only one there. I got there a little late because of my sloth, so exploring will have to wait until tomorrow.

The photo album for this entry is here.

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