Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2005
Day 57

The main thing I did today was work on the last week's blog entries. I'm finally caught up after falling way behind. Also, it was Thanksgiving in the US, so I figured I should have a decent meal for supper. I haven't seen a restaurant serving turkey yet (although fried chicken and french fries are absolutely everywhere here), so I had pizza instead. It may not sound like a great meal, but pizza is one of the most expensive things you can buy here.

Tomorrow, I'm finally going to leave Oruro for Sajama. I went to the bus station tonight and found out that there aren't any buses that go directly to Sajama from here, so I'm going to have to go a bit further north to Patacamaya and try to catch a bus from there to Sajama. I haven't planned this out very well, but that's half the fun of it for me. I feel like I've been following the Gringo Trail for too long, and it's about time I hit some places with slightly less tourists.

After traveling for almost two months straight, I needed a break before moving on, and my stay in Oruro has been perfect. There's almost nothing for tourists to do here, but I've gotten caught up on my writing and sleep, and I watched a good amount of TV. I feel refreshed and ready to go now. I can't wait to start making my way south toward Usuaia.

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