My trip through Noel Kempff Mercado National Park in a rural part of the Santa Cruz department of Bolivia.

Lucky Ride Out

May 19, 2006
Day 233
NKM Adventure Day 10

We had a few options for leaving Florida today. We were going to go with our fanged friend on his motorcycle to the intersection, but Craig, Gabriel, and I all wanted to go, and with a round trip of three hours per person, it… Read More »

Nothing Left In Me

May 18, 2006
Day 232
NKM Adventure Day 9

This was our earliest start yet. With 40 K's to walk back to Florida on already-fatigued legs, we wanted as much time in the cool moonlight as possible, so we started walking at 3:00. When it started to get light three hours later, we… Read More »

A Hot Savanna Walk

May 17, 2006
Day 231
NKM Adventure Day 8

As usual, we started our day before sunrise and began to walk back to Los Fierros. We would have liked to have started at around 3:00 AM so we could get through the savanna before the extreme heat set in. However, Candido strongly recommended… Read More »

To The Top Of The Jungle

May 16, 2006
Day 230
NKM Adventure Day 7

With yesterday's bicycle debacle, we decided that we would have to revise today's goals. Craig and I decided that we would walk to the bottom of the meseta, set up camp, and attempt to walk to the top and back. There was a campsite… Read More »

The Sight Of The Trip

May 15, 2006
Day 229
NKM Adventure Day 6

Candido showed up right on time at 6:30 so we could start our trip into the park early. Craig had already cooked lunch that we could eat cold on the way. We took as little as possible to make the bike riding easier: A… Read More »

Bolivian Beurocrats

May 14, 2006
Day 228
NKM Adventure Day 5

Craig and I got up once again at sunrise to walk the rest of the way to Florida. Fransisco decided to join us and led the way. We thought we still had to walk about two hours, but to our surprise, Florida was less… Read More »

The Long Walk

May 13, 2006
Day 227
NKM Adventure Day 4

At sunrise, we got up, had a quick breakfast, and started walking. We figured we had about eleven hours of daylight left, which would give us enough time to get to Florida by dark as long as we kept a reasonable pace. We were… Read More »

Riding To The Middle Of Nowhere

May 12, 2006
Day 226
NKM Adventure Day 3

Today was spent almost entirely on a bus. It left a few hours late, so we could forget about walking during the day.

After a few hours, we stopped for lunch. Craig noticed a group of gringos getting out of a 4X4, so we… Read More »

More Info In San Ignacio

May 11, 2006
Day 225
NKM Adventure Day 2

We got to San Ignacio very early today and immediately started preparations for our trip to Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. From the tourism information office, we learned that tonight a bus could take us to Santa Rosa, about an hour away, and early… Read More »

Preparing For Noel Kempff Mercado

May 10, 2006
Day 224
NKM Adventure Day 1

We decided to have breakfast at the same vegetarian restaurant we ate supper at last night. They had a lot of whole grain pastas and cereals, so we started stocking up for our upcoming adventure in Noel Kempff Mercado National Park.

The next town… Read More »