Beautiful sights and half the tourists of Costa Rica.

Another Party To Ruin My Plans

March 14, 2008
Day 898

I took a short bus ride to Managua this afternoon and headed straight for the Tica Bus terminal to buy my ticket to Honduras. I knew that traveling during Semana Santa (the week leading up to Easter) would be difficult because it was a vacation week for most people.… Read More »

The Little City that Could

March 11-13, 2008
Days 895-897

My next stop was the small city of Granada, which, like Ometepe Island, was on Lago Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. Granada was an important trade center from its founding, so much so that the French, English, and the liberals from Leon constantly fought for control throughout… Read More »

The Forgotten Island

March 8-10, 2008
Days 892-894

Ometepe Island was just a hop, skip, and a jump from San Juan del Sur, and was, in fact, visible from the main highway when I first entered Nicaragua. However, the large island that was made from two volcanoes wasn't a very touristy place for some… Read More »

The Sunset Sail that Wasn't

March 4-7, 2008
Days 888-891

I ran into English Richard from the Corcovado National Park once again in Liberia. Just when I thought he had gone back to England long ago, there he was next to me getting ready to head into Nicaragua for the last part of his trip. I've learned many times… Read More »