I climbed some mountains in the Condoriri group of the Cordillera Real, Bolivia.

Time to Head Back to the Big City

July 6, 2007
Day 646
Condoriri Climb Day 4

I finally got to sleep all night last night. For once I had a real breakfast, too. After eating only stale bread for breakfast the last two days, my bowl of instant porridge felt like a meal fit for a king. My tent was… Read More »

One Final Summit

July 5, 2007
Day 645
Condoriri Climb Day 3

I was delighted today when I got to sleep in all the way till 1:00 AM. The moon was no longer full, but it was still high in the sky this time of night, almost eliminating the need for a flashlight, and giving us… Read More »

The Head of the Condor

July 4, 2007
Day 644
Condoriri Climb Day 2

My alarm rang way too early at midnight tonight. I dragged myself out of bed after only sleeping a few hours and made myself a couple cups of coffee. I wasn't too hungry, but I managed to force down some stale bread for my… Read More »

There's no Bread in La Paz

July 3, 2007
Day 643
Condoriri Climb Day 1

I went to meet everyone at the tour agency this morning. Pedro was already looking pretty bad. He figured he had food poisoning from the night before. This was probably the worst day he could've picked to get sick, but he still wanted to… Read More »

Preparing for the Next Climb

July 1-2, 2007
Day 641-642

I originally wanted to climb Illimani, but I lost my ambitions after hearing about the number of deaths on the mountain. Several guides still tell me that it will be no problem if I go with them, and they probably are right, but I simply don't have the skills… Read More »