Andrea visited me in Buenos Aires on April 9, 2006.

Farewell To Buenos Aires

April 15, 2006
Day 199
Andrea Visit Day 7

Today was my final day in Buenos Aires and dedicated entirely to shopping. We were on a fixed schedule today as we had to be out of our room by 11:00 and had to wrap up our shopping by 4:00 so I could catch… Read More »

Kitty Heaven

April 14, 2006
Day 198
Andrea Visit Day 6

The only thing we had to do today was go back to the Recoleta Cemetery. We didn't leave the hostel until noon, because we were waiting to see if we could stay in our same room. The people ended up not showing for their… Read More »

Tres Friends

April 13, 2006
Day 197
Andrea Visit Day 5

On the agenda for today was the zoo, art museum, and a tango show. Dan called up his friend Kathleen, who he met on the Antarctica cruise, to see if she wanted to hang out with us for the day. She did and we… Read More »

Cowabunga, dude!

April 12, 2006
Day 196
Andrea Visit Day 4

Considering I went to bed late last night, I slept in this morning. I did not get carried away by bed bugs last night as I thought I might. I did wear as much clothes as possible last night; I even put the hood… Read More »

Much Ado About Nothing

April 11, 2006
Day 195
Andrea Visit Day 3

Today was a day better spent doing pretty much anything but what ended up doing, which was not much of anything. We got up early with plans to got to Tigre, a smaller town 40 minutes, by train, north of Buenos Aires. The hostel… Read More »

Buenos Aires In Three Hours

April 10, 2006
Day 194
Andrea Visit Day 2

Today we slept in and caught up on some much needed rest. We got up just in time to have some medialunas, sweet crosissants, at around 10:30. They are very good. Then we went to the mall to check out the Salvidor Dali exhibit… Read More »


April 9, 2006
Day 193
Andrea Visit Day 1

To the faithful readers of Dan's blog, you are now about to gain a new perspective, mine. (Dan Says: Well, I still feel the need to throw in my opinion every now and then. So plan on hearing from me throughout Andrea's ramblings. Think… Read More »