Craig and I built a raft out of bamboo and attempted to float down a tidally-influenced river.

Another Day in Siparuta

December 29, 2006
Day 457

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 4

We spent another full day in Siparuta. A lot of interesting people came and talked to us, including the captain (mayor) of the village. One guy invited us to go fishing with him in his boat in the afternoon, but he didn't show up.… Read More »

Large Guyanese Piranha

December 28, 2006
Day 456

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 3

We awoke in the small Guyanese village of Siparuta. We learned that there would be a boat passing in the middle of the night, so we spent the day chilling out. It's a picturesque place with lots of mangoes and cashews… Read More »

Made it (Almost)!

December 27, 2006
Day 455

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 2

Craig and I got up at 4:00 and checked the river. Sure enough, the tide was just starting to go out. We quickly packed up and left. Once again, we slowly drifted down the river under the crystal-clear nighttime sky. We got to Wakay… Read More »

Slow Raft Floating

December 26, 2006
Day 454

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 1

The idea of building a raft being fresh in Craig's mind after the Kaieteur experiment, he thought we should try again on the Corentine River, this time using bamboo as the material. Germaine scrounged up some machetes from his relatives and the three of… Read More »