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Copan Ruins and Town

March 28-29, 2008
Days 912-913

It was a long day of boring logistics getting to Copan Ruinas that included a ferry back to the mainland and a series of buses. The name of the town implied that it was the site of some ruins, but that wasn't strictly true. It was actually a pleasant,… Read More »

Grease Me Up And Wake Me When the Revolution Comes

March 22-27, 2008
Day 906-911

Rumor had it the earliest ferry left to one of the Bay Islands at 9:00, but to which island was unclear. Truth be told, I was skeptical there even would be a ferry today because it was Easter weekend. But the only way to find out was to get… Read More »

The Real Meaning Of Culture Shock

March 21, 2008
Day 905

The Bay Islands consist of three islands: Utila, Roatan, and some other island I can't remember, but that's not important. The backpackers generally stick with Utila, and those with a bit more money go to Roatan. Sonia had been living in Roatan for the last year, and Ivan was… Read More »

The Colombian, The Spaniard, And the Unreachable Island

March 20, 2008
Day 904

I tried to go to the Bay Islands a week ago but accidentally got dropped off in El Salvador. I had a decent time in Central America's smallest and least visited country, but the time had come for take two in Honduras.

I paid a premium for the luxurious… Read More »