I took an 8 day trek through the national park in January, 2006.

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 8

January 23, 2006
Day 117

The trek finally ended today. John and I slept till 10:00, and we thought we were in jeopardy of missing our bus back to town. We quickly packed up and walked 2.5 hours to the next campsite before taking a break. At the campsite, we took another look at… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 7

January 22, 2006
Day 116

We had been moving at a grueling pace for the entire trek so far, so John and I figured today would be a good day to relax. Not only were we physically tired, but we both wanted to enjoy the park a little more before leaving. Torres del Paine… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 6

January 21, 2006
Day 115

Today was a long, yet relaxed day. We had to walk 3.5 hours to the next campsite, set up our camp, and do another walk of 5 hours round-trip to a mirador without any gear. On this trek, I've noticed that I need a lot more sleep than normal… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 5

January 20, 2006
Day 114

We set off a little earlier today because, even though the trail was supposed to be flat, it would still be a long day of walking. The weather was a lot nicer: clear skies and warm sun. The sun felt great hitting my skin after having gone through a… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 4

January 19, 2006
Day 113

We slept late today. It was good to get a lot of sleep for once. Until now, we had to go to bed late, get up early, and walk all day, which made me achy and grumpy. But now, I was finally rather cheerful.

We didn't seen much of… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 3

January 18, 2006
Day 112

This was our toughest day so far. We started out with a six-hour walk to Camp Dixon. Toward the beginning, the trail wasn't very well-marked, it was raining, and the path was muddy. There were no bridges across any rivers, so several times we had to navigate our way… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 2

January 17, 2006
Day 111

We had to get up at 4:00 this morning. There's a great viewpoint of the Torres del Paine about an hour from camp, and we wanted to get to it before sunrise. We had walked part way up the trail yesterday afternoon, so we had a good idea of… Read More »

Torres Del Paine Trek Day 1

January 16, 2006
Day 110


Torres del Paine National Park is probably the most beautiful park in all of Chile, and indeed all of Patagonia. Its main attractions are, not surprisingly, the Torres del Paine, which are a series of jagged mountains located in the middle of the park. "Torres" means "towers" in… Read More »