Entries from before I left.

Time To Go

Written September 28, 2005 - Day 0

In a few minutes, I will begin my journey. I'm going through every emotion in the book. My stomach is in a knot, but this feeling is why I travel. I think I've said just about everything that needs to be said, but one last time: Thanks for… Read More »

Last Brewers Game

Yesterday I went to my last Brewers game before my trip with Andrea, Kyle, and Tiffany. This has been their best season by 1992. They went to the game with a .500 record against the Cardinals, one of the best teams in baseball. The Brew Crew lost 0-2 in a pitchers' dual, but it was… Read More »


Written September 24, 2005

For my last weekend in the US, I went to my parents' house near Minocqua in northern Wisconsin. It's a nice, quiet place built on a small lake and surrounded by lush forests. I think I would get bored there rather quickly,… Read More »

Lightning Strikes

Last night, I went out with my friends Kevin and Sofia in Waukesha. On the way home, I was freaked out by the intense lightning storm that was exploding all around me like fireworks on the 4th of July. Lightning was everywhere, and the roads were soaked, but not one drop of… Read More »

More Backpack Issues

The other day I filled my backpack for the first time with the stuff I thought I would be taking on my trip. Getting all of my gear into the pack was a daunting task, a battle of wits between myself and an inanimate object. I lost round one due to a disagreement between my… Read More »

Gear Update

On Saturday, I went to REI with my friend Urrv to get some supplies for my trip. I originally went with the intention of getting a backpack, but that didn't work out as planned. I was looking for a large front-loader for two reasons: 1. The ability to lock the zipper would give added security… Read More »

Many Goodbyes

My last day of work was very easy. I just had to cancel all of my accounts, sign some papers, and shake a few hands. I was done by 10:00 AM. My area had a picnic afterwards where I got to play some kickball and disc golf, and watch… Read More »

One More Day

I'm down to one more day of work. All I have left to do is turn in my badge and computers, then I'm free to go. However, we do coincidentally have a picnic tomorrow afternoon for my area, so it will be a good opportunity to say goodbye to everyone at work one last time.

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Coasting Along

I finally finished moving out of my apartment today. Last night my roommate and I spent many countless hours cleaning everything. I think I have done more cleaning in the last three days than the combined total of my entire life. I think the apartment is cleaner now than when we moved in, which doesn't… Read More »