My first country in Central America.

To the Top Of Panama.

February 10-14, 2008
Day 865-869

After leaving the Bocas archipelago, I took a bus across the country, from the Caribbean to the Pacific, to David, the second-largest city in Panama. From there I got to ride in my first school bus to the small highland town of Boquete. Three people sat in each seat,… Read More »

Taking the Bull By the Mouths

February 7-9, 2008
Days 862-864

I arrived near the Costa Rican border to the archipelago of Bocas del Toro before dawn. I took a quick boat taxi from the mainland to Colon Island, where I based myself for the weekend. I was amazed when I looked into the sky and saw the Southern Cross,… Read More »

Shopping Malls and Urban Sprawl

February 6, 2008
Day 861

I bought a ticket for a night bus out of the city this morning. Next to the bus station was a massive shopping mall with name brand stores everywhere. Lots of American ex patriots, tourists, and rich Panamanians were busy buying pairs of jeans for hundreds of dollars. But… Read More »

A Man, A Plan, A Canal

February 5, 2008
Day 860

Today was the big day where I got to see where the Americas were geographically divided, at the Panama Canal.

Before looking at the Miraflores Locks, I checked out the museum that talked about the history of the canal. The French were the first to attempt to build a… Read More »

Traveling with the Family Circus

February 4, 2008
Day 859

Crossing the Gap, Day 5

I spent the morning with the Italians waiting to see if the mysterious plane would show up. The two boys were brothers who had been working around Central America and Colombia for the last two years as street performers. Among their luggage was a… Read More »

The Waiting Game

February 3, 2008
Day 858

Crossing the Gap, Day 4

The day started off smoothly when the immigration office was actually open and I was able to get my passport stamped. The officer needed to make a copy of my passport, so he made a kid go to the back room to turn on… Read More »

Crossing to Panama

February 2, 2008
Day 857
Crossing the Gap, Day 3

I got up early and promptly began waiting for a boat. Nobody seemed to know when one would leave, but they assured me the a boat would indeed be going north to Sapzurro at some point. Eventually I got the ride I was… Read More »