1 day in the jungle and 3 days through the pampas.

Pampa Tour Day 3

June 15, 2006
Day 260

It was another slow start today as everyone took until after 9:00 to get ready. The only thing on the agenda before going home was swimming with the dolphins. After breakfast, we went up the river for awhile and all jumped in. We didn't see any dolphins, but at… Read More »

Pampa Tour Day 2

June 14, 2006
Day 259

We got up today at 7:30 and had breakfast, which consisted of an assortment of fruits that were beautifully prepared for us. We then proceeded to wait for everyone in the group to get ready for the day. They all had to take showers for some reason, despite the… Read More »

Pampa Tour Day 1

June 13, 2006
Day 258

This morning, Craig took a bus to La Paz. He is going to meet some of his friends who are flying in from Europe. We will all meet up in Trinidad in a week or so for our next canoe adventure. That gave me some spare time to do… Read More »

A Quick Jungle Walk

June 12, 2006
Day 257

I wanted to go on a tour of the pampa today, but it wasn't possible. All of the flights into town were canceled due to poor weather conditions, and so many tourists opt to fly rather than take the 18-hour bus ride from La Paz that every tour company… Read More »