1000 Days Between, Part 1

1000 Days Between, Part 1

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1000 Days Between Front Cover

Dan Perry's life is great. He has a cushy job at IBM, dines at fancy restaurants and drives a shiny black Corvette. He's living the American Dream. But is it his dream?

After much agonizing, Dan realizes that he values experiences over possessions. And the experience he wants most is to travel the world. But his lifestyle has left him broke and his job keeps him tethered to his desk. He decides to make some big changes.

Dan claws his way out of debt and begins to save. When he has enough money, he quits his job, sheds his fancy stuff and buys a one-way ticket for Peru. He doesn't know where he'll go or what he'll do; he only knows that it's time to start living his dream.

Dan isn't a world adventurer. His fast-food diet and sedentary lifestyle have left him lazy and out of shape. Even so, a week into his trip he slogs up a trail to a 16,000-foot mountain pass in the Central Andes. Later he spends eight days hiking through a national park in Patagonia. But it's not until Dan joins a dugout canoe expedition down an Amazon tributary that his odyssey truly takes shape.

1000 Days Between is the inspirational true story of a man who leaves a promising career to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. How far will he go? Only time will tell.

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