A tiny war-torn country that is becoming prosperous.

A Beautiful Colonial Town

March 18-19, 2008
Day 902-903

I had to take a series of four buses to get across the country to the town of Suchitoto, but I was able to do it all in one day. After being in the boring, bland flowery region, I was blown away by the beauty of Suchitoto as soon… Read More »

The Non-Flowery Route

March 16-17, 2008
Day 900-901

I avoided the roaming street gangs and got out of San Salvador as soon as I could figure out the local bus system. My destination was the Ruta de las Flores (Route of the flowers), which the employees at my hotel all enthusiastically recommended. Too bad they didn't tell… Read More »

Divine Intervention

March 15, 2008
Day 899

The day started off easy enough with the early bus out of Managua. We had an easy border crossing into Honduras after a few hours. I found out that you don't even need to get your passport stamped for land crossings between Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, so… Read More »