France in South America.

Leaving France

February 1, 2007
Day 491

Philip and Elise dropped us off at the bus zone this morning. It was not nearly as chaotic as the one in Paramaribo, but still a backwards system with no schedules. We rode the bus ($52 to ride for an hour? Definitely time to leave the country!) to St… Read More »

Hanging out in Pleasant Cayenne

January 29-31, 2007
Day 488-490

This morning I said goodbye to Alina, who hosted me in Kourou. She was a great host who was very helpful in showing me around the area and setting me up with a tour of the rocket facility. Her boyfriend Greg and his friend (an Al Roker lookalike) drove… Read More »

I Step into Robinson Crusoe's Shoes

January 24-27, 2007
Day 483-486

Ye Olde Food Rations

Coconut and mango porrige with coconut milk.

Raw coconut meat with a bit of bread.

Coconut soufflé with coconut milk rice and a mango for dessert.

OK, it wasn't actually that bad, but the breakfast menu is accurate. For… Read More »

A Boatload of Americans

January 23, 2007
Day 482

Craig and I took a catamaran early this morning along with a dozen or so other tourists to the Iles du Salut (The Islands of Salvation), sometimes collectively known as "Devil's Islands," where the French had an infamous prison colony from 1852 to 1953. The islands… Read More »

French-Only Tours

January 22, 2007
Day 481

Alina found out for Craig and I that we could take a free tour of the rocket facilities this afternoon, but that it would have to be in French, which neither of us speaks. The only way they'll do a tour in English is if we bring a group… Read More »

Urban Trekking

January 21, 2007
Day 480

Today, Alina, Craig, and I drove to the capitol city of Cayenne for some trekking. We walked along a well-maintained trail on the far side of the city that led us past a dam, through a bamboo forest, and around an old fort.… Read More »

Couchsurfing in Kourou

January 20, 2007
Day 479

We started hitching early this morning, but had some trouble getting anyone to stop for us. Finally, in the middle of the rain, a strange man with about $10,000 of camera equipment for his "hobby" took us into Kourou.

I tried calling Alina, our couchsurfing host in Kourou, but… Read More »

A Day of Hitching

January 19, 2007
Day 478

We started the day walking to the junction where the roads going to Cayenne and Mana split. According to the map, this point was just outside of town. However, it turned out to be about a 10 KM walk with all of our gear, so we were pretty hot… Read More »

Back to Saint Laurant

January 18, 2007
Day 477

We got up before dawn to find some activity at the port in Maripasoula. A boat full of empty fuel drums was about to leave, so we jumped in with them and took off. We were able to move much faster downstream, and plowing over the waterfalls was no… Read More »