La Zona Franca

January 27, 2006
Day 121

The local cemetery.

Some graves and stuff.

Today I went with English John and Nitzan from Isreal to the Zona Franca, the duty free zone of the city. There was a big shopping mall with a few good bargains, but mostly the same prices you'd see anywhere else. There were also a bunch of large warehouses selling just about everything you could imagine. It was OK to visit for a day, but all I bought was a few cans of beer for forty cents each. I'm not sure why I heard so much hype about the area.

We also checked out the city's cemetery. It wasn't unlike any other cemetery I had visited, but it was interesting to hear Nitzan's take on it given that he's Jewish. Apparently, the Jews don't put up huge monuments with lots of flowers in their cemeteries; they don't feel the need to get all elaborate with dead bodies.

John wanted to make another soup tonight, but Nitzan suggested getting steaks. Nitzan won tonight and cooked a great meal. I like the idea of hanging out with two chefs because they both want to impress each other with their culinary skills and I get to eat like a king.

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