Lazy Day

January 1, 2006
Day 95

New Years Day has never been a productive one for me, and this year was no different. Most of the afternoon, I just slept and watched some movies with people in my hostel. I didn't feel like doing anything else, but still, I was ready to leave town and had to figure out what to do next.

Late in the afternoon, I met up with Jenny from Australia, who I had originally met on my salt flats tour about a month ago. We were both heading in the same direction, so we decided to travel together. The problem is that this far south, there aren't many good roads. We know that there is a highway to Esquel, a town several hours south of here, but beyond that point, we're not sure if there's anything paved, and even if there is, there may not be any buses that go that route. The current plan is to go to Esquel and plan more from there. It turns out that traveling through Patagonia is still an adventure, even in 2006.

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