Moving To Punta Arenas

January 25, 2006
Day 119

John and I couldn't get a bus ticket to Punta Arenas until 6:00. If you're not preparing to visit Torres del Paine National Park, there's not much to do in Puerto Natales, so I just worked on my blog all day. When we finally did leave town, the bus trip was basically three hours of nothing. It was raining the whole way, but there didn't seem to be anything at all between the cities.

When I first walked through Punta Arenas, I was surprised to see that it was happening place. There are lots of chic department stores in town, and there is a duty free zone that I'll have to check out before leaving. Despite being so far south, the city has over 100,000 inhabitants. I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise because it's located at a major harbor for ships that are going around South America.

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