Reflecting On A New Year

December 31, 2005
Day 94

I celebrated New Years Eve with a bunch of people in my hostel. Nobody was quite sure how the celebrations would work because people don't even finish dinner until midnight here, and going out doesn't happen till a few hours after that. Some girls went to a bar at about 10:30, but it was still closed. There was no countdown on any TV channels, but we knew when midnight hit because fireworks went off all around town.

Several of us went out to some bars at around 1:00. It was fun, but not too crazy. There are big parties here in Bariloche every night, so New Years didn't feel very different from any other night of the week. The bar that the girls had tried going to earlier in the night opened at 2:00, so we finished off our night there.

2005 was obviously an eventful year for me. Quitting your job to travel for an extended period of time is not something most people do, but so far, I'm glad I did it. I've had a great time these last three months, and i hope to continue to do so in 2006.

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