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December 28, 2005
Day 91

I hadn't gotten a chance to check out the city of Bariloche yesterday, so I took a walk around town this morning. The city is located on a huge lake next to a national park. Mountains and forests are everywhere here. There is a marina with some large tourist boats on the shore near downtown. It's a really beautiful area, and I'm told that people from all over Argentina come to Bariloche to have a good time.

This afternoon, I went to a chocolate-making demonstration with Elaine from England and Aisha and Alexis from California. The chocolate factory we went to was huge with every type of chocolate, candy, and ice cream imaginable for sale. Shortly after we got there, a guy in a chef's hat began making the chocolate. He began with white chocolate morsels, followed by Andes Mints lookalikes, and finished with chocolate-covered figs. Several kids who were in Bariloche on a field trip after graduating from high school practiced their English with us. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon.

Tonight, I hung out with a bunch of people at the hostel. Elaine had been learning how to play the guitar on her trip, so we had a big sing along. If only they had heard me perform karaoke the other night, I think I would have been forced to remain silent all night.

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