Antarctic Cruise Day 12

February 17, 2006
Day 142
Antarctic Cruise Day 12

Picture of people.

A group photo at our last party together.

The Plan: Explore Montevideo, Uruguay

We got to Montevideo today at sunrise. With 1.5 million inhabitants, it was the biggest city I had visited since Santiago two months ago. For the first time of the cruise, we could actually dock in the jetty and walk directly onto the land below. It was a nice feeling.

After breakfast, I walked around the city with Craig, from Australia, and Fred and Alex, from the United States. The city had the same parks and monuments typical of every city in Latin America, but it also had some nice beaches and colonial buildings. After walking for a few hours, we took the long way back to the ship and noticed the pleasant lack of tourists in the city. I'm sure I will get back to Montevideo at some point.

Today was my first reintroduction into society in twelve days. The ship was a fantasyland where I could have whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. Walking around the city, I felt like a normal member of society again. When I got back on the ship, I was right back in Disneyland. The good thing about walking around today was that I began getting used to backpacking again slowly instead of being thrown right back into the fire.

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