Antarctic Cruise Day 13

February 18, 2006
Day 143
Antarctic Cruise Day 13

Picture of people.

Our last dinner together.

The Plan: Relax in Buenos Aires for the last full day of the cruise.

We reached Buenos Aires, our final destination, this morning. Not much was happening on the ship today, but I noticed that a lot of the backpackers, myself included, didn't go into town for very long. My excuse was that I could hang out in Buenos Aires as long as I wanted, but this was my last full day on the cruise. I wanted to eat a few more huge meals and live in general luxury for one more day before permanently returning to the backpacker world.

Eventually, Craig and I went into town for a walk. We found a pedestrian street called Florida with lots of shopping and weird people, which probably served as a good introduction to the city. Craig wasted no time in buying a plane ticket for Ushuaia in two days. He wanted to do as much trekking in southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego as possible before the end of the short summer season in a month.

When we got back to the ship, I began working on my blog for the first time since leaving. I had a lot of work to do, but I am obviously almost caught up now.

Not many people were left on the ship tonight. The "full-pricers" were all out on tours of the city, and most of the backpackers decided to go to a tango show. I didn't feel like leaving the cruise ship until I got kicked off, so I stayed in and ate one last dinner with the few of us who remained aboard. After a quiet day, I got to bed early.

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