Going to Gualiguaychu

February 24, 2006
Day 149

I wasn't quite sure where to go next, but I knew that Carnaval was coming up, so I wanted to go somewhere where I could watch the festival. Jenny, with whom I had gone to the Rolling Stones concert, and Jack, an American at my hostel, were going to Gualiguaychu for Carnaval, so I decided to go with them.

I met Jack and Jenny late this afternoon in Gualiguaychu. Carnaval isn't until tomorrow night, so we just went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. While we were eating, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Juliana, the girl who was staying in the same room as me when I was couchsurfing back in Vina del Mar, Chile. It was a really strange coincidence because I had just emailed her and she told me that she was going somewhere outside of Buenos Aires for the weekend, but I couldn't remember where. That place happened to be Gualiguaychu! We'll probably meet up again in Buenos Aires when I go back in April.

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