Invitation: Anyone want to go to Buenos Aires?

I'm going to keep this post on top of my blog for awhile, so just scroll down to see my normal blog updates.

I will soon be getting my first visitor from home on my trip. My friend Andrea will be visiting me in Buenos Aires around April 10-17 (the dates aren't quite finalized yet). I'll plan on getting there a day or two early to make sure we have a place to stay lined up. There's plenty of stuff to do in the city for a week, and we may go to Iguazu Falls if we have time.

Anyone reading this is welcome to come along. The only major things you'll have to worry about are getting a passport and buying a plane ticket. So, if you want to see South America's answer to Paris, learn how to tango, drink red wine, eat the best steaks in the world, enjoy some of the best (at least the latest) nightlife in the world, and visit the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, all with a fun person who speaks Spanish and is familiar with Argentine culture (that's me) without breaking your budget, this could be your only chance!

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4 thoughts on “Invitation: Anyone want to go to Buenos Aires?

  1. Cindy Macrafic

    Hey Dan! I didn't think I'd ever catch up from the holidays...but I did today...well, okay, that's just on your blogs. I still have a bunch of work e-mail, but I much preferred your blogs. I was in Guatemala the first two weeks of the year, and did I ever think about you. The constellations, the Bolivias (we didn't have any, but my hubby and I chuckled when I told him about all yours), the churches, the museums, the markets (I kept thinking about how sick you got and I kept chewing my pepto bismal before every meal and managed to stay healthy), and the cemetary. Guatemalan cemetaries are similar with the little buildings above ground and lots of colors. Anyway, I'm back at work and you are still touring--I'm jealous :) Keep informing us and having fun! Cindy

  2. Dan Perry Post author

    Hi Cindy, it sounds like your trip was fun. Do you have any pictures? I originally planned to go to Central America, but at the rate I'm moving, I may never get there.

  3. Mike

    Hey Dan,

    haven't spoken in awhile. Cool that you are going to antarctica... I probably would have advised the cruise anyways seeing as the expedition option often ends in aliens vs predator like scenarios and you probably don't know all the rules for surviving a horror movie situation. ( ) Also, if you decide to go on an expidition you can just jump overboard and expedite... or expede or whatever they call it... expediating maybe. I recieved a post card today... thanks much... we have placed it in an honorable place on our refrigerator. I have a question... how much are stamps down there... sureley not $400! Talk to you soon.


  4. Dan Perry Post author

    Hi Mike,

    304 horror movie survival tips? I'll worry about them some other time. (Maybe "don't ignore this list" should be number 305.) A long time ago, Alien vs. Predator was on one of my buses. I was stoked, but for some reason the heathens shut it off after 5 minutes. Then in Chile, it came on again! I thouroughly enjoyed it, but maybe that was because it was in Spanish so I didn't have to worry about it making any sense.

    By the way $400 in Chile is only 80 cents. I was excited for about a day when I found out that I was a millionare there, but then I learned that it's only US $2000.

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