Old Friends In Mendoza

March 25, 2006
Day 178

Ines and I got a great deal on our bus last night. A new type of bus called a "suite bus" has just been introduced to Argentina, and along with it came a limited offer. For $6 more than normal, we got to ride on a bus with only three rows instead of four, so the seats were as big as first class airplane seats. The seats also folded completely horizontally into beds. We also got supper, breakfast, wine, a pillow, and a blanket. The bus employee even noticed that I was too tall for my blanket, so he gave me another one and tucked me in. The ride was three hours shorter than the normal bus would have been because it was nonstop, but that was actually a bad thing. I could have lived on that bus it was so nice.

Ines and I are staying with Wendy and Kristian, two Americans from Hawaii I met in my hostel in Ushuaia a few months ago. They are going to be living in Mendoza until December on an academic scholarship. Tonight, we all went to an asado (Argentine barbecue) together for another exchange student who just got an apartment in Mendoza. I stuffed my face full of the beautifully cooked Argentine beef and had a fantastic time at the party.

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