Quilmes Ruins

March 21, 2006
Day 174

Our main goal of the day was to see the Quilmes ruins, about 45 minutes by car from Cafayate. We tried hitchhiking for awhile, but nobody was willing to stop, and we didn't have much patience, the one trait required to be a true hitchhiker. We ended up breaking down and paying $4 each for a taxi ride to the ruins.

When we got to the Quilmes, we learned that they were built around 1800 BC, housed 10,000 people, and existed until the Conquistadors showed up in the 1600's. The site was very big, despite the fact that only 15% has been excavated so far. We walked up a path to the top and had a great view of the whole site. Overall, it was a great place to visit.

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