Life In La Plata

April 4-6, 2006
Day 188-190

For the last few days, I've been staying with Julita. It's been nice because I've done a lot of hanging out with her friends. I don't feel like such a tourist when there are no foreigners around besides myself. Together we've gone to some parks, drank mate, played pool, and played TEG a little more.

The main highlight of my stay has been the tour of the city's theater in the center of town to get a look behind the scenes. During the tour, we say people making props, sewing costumes, and checking the lighting. I never realized how much work went into doing a play or an opera, and that's not even taking the acting into consideration. The theater is really nice, so it's too bad I'm not going to get a chance to go back and see a production in the near future.

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