April 8, 2006
Day 192

Today I went to a soccer game with Kathleen. It wasn't between any of the elite teams in the city, but both teams were good and evenly matched, making for a good game. I didn't realize this when I got to the stadium, but each side of the field has its own fans, so they can never mix/riot. I'm still not a fan of the game, but the atmosphere of the game was unbelievable. Everyone was jumping up and down, waving giant flags, and singing the entire game. Whenever my team took a shot at the goal, no matter how pathetic it was, everyone cheered their effort. It was a strange feeling to be cheering for a team for not scoring, but I guess if you only cheered the goals, you'd be sitting on your hands all the time. I picked the losing side, but I think from now on "Velez" will still be my team. I finally have a feel for Argentine soccer now that I've been in the country for several months.

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