April 16, 2006
Day 200

After Andrea left, I had a lot of work to do. My website seemed to be hopelessly behind, so I needed to spend a lot of time uploading pictures and writing blog entries. However, I also needed to squeeze in some relaxation, and visions of Uruguay were dancing through my head.

I started out today by walking to the docks where the ferries left for Uruguay. I was stoked to go there, but not after I learned how expensive the ferry would be. There had to be a cheaper way. I decided to stick around Buenos Aires for another day and search for cheaper options tomorrow. It is Easter, after all, so there's probably another company that isn't open today.

My next quest was to begin the arduous process of uploading all of my photos from Andrea's visit. This proved to be difficult, to say the least. I've found that while Internet cafes abound in Buenos Aires, it's nearly impossible to find a computer that suits my needs. Usually they run Windows 98 and have no USB ports, or the computer is locked so I can't fiddle with it. In one instance, the Internet cafe actually wanted five pesos (the same amount charged for over three hours of regular Internet usage) just to use the USB port for half an hour! I really hope this trend doesn't spread to the smaller cities. Anyway, I went to about ten different places before finally finding one that worked well for me. I stayed there most of the afternoon and got most of my photos taken care of.

Tonight I caught up on some much-needed sleep. The city seemed pretty dead, so I don't think missed out on much. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of here soon.

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