June 17-19, 2006
Day 262-264

After I got to Trinidad, I began the long process of updating my website. At least a dozen people thought I was dead, but I'm most definitely alive for now. I had a couple boring days of watching the slow Bolivian Internet service crawl its way to completing my updates. I guess I needed some time on the computer after being away from them for so long, though.

I also started searching for canoes for my next trip. In a few days, I will meet Craig and some of his friends here in Trinidad to do a canoe trip down the Mamore. I didn't feel like going to La Paz with Craig, so I had a few extra days to begin the canoe search. Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck. I took micro-buses out to four different ports in the area, but no one at any of them knew of any canoes for sale. I'm still hopeful, though. The people I talked to know that I will be returning in a few days, and knowing a little bit about how small Bolivian communities operate, I bet everyone in the area will know about the gringos looking for canoes by the time I return.

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