The Search Continues

June 22, 2006
Day 267

Several of us went to search for canoes again today. We started going door-to-door asking if anyone had an extra canoe to sell, but got no hits. Going to peoples' houses was an interesting experience in itself. One guy was busy planing wood to make a bow, and another was making an ax handle. Even though the villages on the river are near the city, going to them is like going back in time because they have no technology whatsoever. They live by fishing, hunting, and farming, and get by without electricity and running water, and with almost no money.

Rain in the afternoon made part of the road to the river impassible, and some people in our group got stuck and had to walk. We decided to search again tomorrow, and I really hope we find something. Patricia is only in Bolivia for three weeks, and Louise for four, so they will have to start the trip in two days no matter what. It we don't find another canoe tomorrow, it looks like we'll have to split the group up, which nobody wants. We're all keeping our fingers crossed.

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