October 16, 2006
Day 383

We decided to avoid the early morning rush hour and left our hotel at 10:30 this morning. It was a long day of driving, and we ended near Savannah, Georgia. Our hotel not only was cheaper than the one in DC, but it had free Internet, parking, and breakfast, none of which the DC hotel had. Still, it was at least five times more expensive than most South American hotels. The most exiting news of the day was that the political mudslinging on TV has changed to a new set of candidates I've never heard of.

The climate got hotter as we headed southbound. I already saw my first palm tree since leaving, and the weather man complained that it would be an extremely cold night at only 72 degrees! The climate has begun to resemble that of my next destination, which I'm getting ever-more-anxious to reach.

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