Down to the Bottom

November 20, 2006
Day 418
Roraima Trek Day 5

Picture of flower.

One of the many flowering plants on Roraima.

Just as our porridge was done cooking this morning, we ran out of fuel. I don't know if I should call it good planning on our part, or just good luck. We packed up camp and headed down the edge of the teupui toward the valley below. On the way down, we passed a large group of young Danish girls on their way up. Suddenly I wished I had waited two extra days in Santa Elena to start the trek after all.

Back at base camp, Craig and I talked with one of the guides, who was from Guyana. He gave us lots of good information, including how to get to Kaitur falls, which is where we'll head to for our next adventure. It was a weird experience speaking to a local in English and having him understand me completely because it was his native language.

With gravity on our side, we continued back to base camp, making it down the mountain a few hours quicker than we had gone up it. It was so hot, taking a dip in the cold river actually felt good. There was plenty of fuel and food in the cache, so we cooked up a big feast with our remaining pasta and vegetables. Roraima once again looked far away from the river where we were camped.

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