Three Countries at Once

November 19, 2006
Day 417
Roraima Trek Day 4

Picture of border.

The Brazilian part of the tripartite border.

Today we took a long walk all the way to the other side of Roraima. It was another tough trip despite carrying only daypacks due to the uneven terrain. We eventually reached our goal, the tripartite border between Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela. It was marked by a pyramid with the corresponding country on each side. The plaque for Guyana had been stolen, which hopefully won't be indicative of the entire country when I go there in a few days. It has to be one of the strangest points where three countries could meet. I walked around the pyramid a few times just to say I did ten border crossings in one day and made stupid jokes about how much more shade there was in Guyana than Venezuela. I now have been to all but two countries/territories in South America.

Picture of crystal.

One of the thousands of crystals on Roraima.

We took a different route back to camp and passed a few more crystal valleys. As usual, there were lots of rocks that resembled stuff, in this case elephants and beans. We also stopped at a sinkhole about ten meters deep. After another eight hours walking in the sunlight, I needed another siesta. Tonight was cold again, and I started to yearn for the warm nights of lower altitudes to return.

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