Large Guyanese Piranha

December 28, 2006
Day 456

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 3

Picture of sign.

The Siparuta welcome sign.

We awoke in the small Guyanese village of Siparuta. We learned that there would be a boat passing in the middle of the night, so we spent the day chilling out. It's a picturesque place with lots of mangoes and cashews to munch on. Being in Guyana, there's no electricity in town, so it's a much quieter place than Apoera. Craig went fishing from the huge jetty and caught two large piranha, so we had no problem getting dinner despite being back in Guyana with only Suriname money.

The only thing we were told about the timing of tonight's boat was that it would pass about twelve hours after the afternoon's low tide, but as far as we knew, it could've passed us at any time of the night. As it turned out, no boat came all night, so we would have to wait another day to try to leave Siparuta.

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