A Five-Star Ride to Ponta Negra

March 7, 2007
Day 525

Picture of houses.

Houses at Ponta Negra.

I got on a local bus this morning to go to Ponta Negra, which is a newer part of Natal that is quickly developing with resorts. On the way there, I passed hotel after five-star hotel along the coast. Each of the hotels had their own private beach, security, restaurants, and bars so the people staying there would never have to leave. No wonder Natal is becoming so popular among the European jet set crowd.

The main beach on Ponta Negra had a huge sand dune called Morro da Careca. There were signs all around it in multiple languages warning all visitors that the dune is under constant surveillance by undercover police officers, and if they attempt to climb the dune, they will end up in jail. Supposedly this protection is in place because the dune is slowly decaying, as is the nature of sand dunes, but I found it strange that so much attention was being given to it while nothing was being done about the muggings and car jackings I constantly heard about. I wondered how many foreigners Brazil has driven insane with these ridiculous policies that lack any logic whatsoever.

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