An Even Sleepier Place

April 10, 2007
Day 559

Today I walked over to Praia de Palmas, another beautiful beach on the island. The walk was pretty easy, but it went up a hill for the first half, so there was a good lookout point on top. There was a tiny village on the beach that made Abraao look like a bustling metropolis. Ilha Grande is a big tropical paradise.

Over the last few days, my dad has been trying to find something good on TV. I hadn't really even tried watching television in Brazil yet, but on the island I found out how humorous the shows are here. For instance, there was the cow auction channel, which is just how it sounds. Every now and then my dad would say "That cow's a beauty, R$300 for her is a bargain!" Then there was the variety channel. They once had an ugly guy wearing a wig, no shirt, and tight leather pants singing horribly and striking out with every girl in the audience. They also had a forro band on, which would've been interesting to watch, except they never played anything. They just held their instruments and talked to the host for fifteen minutes before going to commercial. Then there was the news channel, which wouldn't have been interesting, but the news was delivered entirely by puppets! It was surreal to think that Brazilians could stay current with world news by watching a bunch of puppets talk to them, but there it was. And of course, there were the plethora of prime-time soap operas that encompassed just about every other channel. Actually, come to think of it, I think Brazilian TV is more entertaining than American TV!

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