The Park Next Door

March 14, 2007
Day 532

Looking out Daniel's window, a large city park called Parque da Cidade was visible next door. I asked Daniel if it was a nice place and he said that he had never been there. That made me decide to go there today.

The park was in fact a nice place to visit. It had a few trails that led through the forest and made me forget that I was in a big city. There was also a big amphitheater used for concerts. The only problem was that when I crossed the park, there was a favela waiting for me on the other side. Instead of walking through the slum, I turned around and headed back toward Daniel's safe haven.

My other news is that my parents are going to visit me in Rio de Janeiro in April. They want to go to Iguazu Falls and don't want to spent twenty-two hours on a bus to get there, so I've been searching for plane tickets. Also, my computer's screen went completely blank awhile back. A few months ago it got cracked up, then different sections of it started going out, one by one. It's completely useless now, and I'm finding it impossible to keep my blog updated without a computer. Hopefully I can find a new one so my parents can bring it to me. Electronics are ridiculously expensive in Brazil.

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