Cochabamba Calls

June 2 - June 3, 2007
Day 612-613

I took a minibus from Villa Tunari to Cochabamba. It was the first vehicle I had been in for a month other than one night when a bunch of us took a bus to a neighboring town for Chinese food. I found it difficult to leave town after having been there for so long.

Cochabamba is at the base of the altiplano at about 2500 meters. I stayed there for a day to break up my trip to La Paz and to acclimate myself a bit more slowly to the altitude. The city claims to have a climate of eternal spring, and the weather while I was there lived up to that reputation: Warm without a cloud in the sky. I met up with a guy named Jamie, who was working with a puma named Sonko in Villa Tunari. We are going to travel to La Paz together.

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