A Deep Canyon Viewpoint

August 30, 2007
Day 701

Picture of canyon.

The canyon from the lookout point.

Today I took a colectivo up a large hill outsisde of Chachapoyas to a little village called Huanca. From the plaza in the center, it was about a ten minute walk to a lighthouse-looking building that served as a lookout point to a massive canyon. It was yet another incredible natural setting in this region, but after seeing various other sites over the last few days, I kept having to remind myself how amazing this canyon was.

I was going to leave Chachapoyas tomorrow, but out of nowhere I got an email from Kris, a Polish-Canadian-American guy I met on the Amazon last year. He sent me an article about Gokta, the third highest waterfall in the world, which was only discovered last year. The article talked about how remote Chachapoyas was, yet I was reading it on a new computer while sitting next to a bunch of kids playing Half Life 2 and talking on their cell phones. Even though the description seemed highly exaggerated, I still figured it would be worth taking one extra day to check it out, as long as I was in the area, so I'll head there tomorrow.

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