A Brazilian Reunion

September 13, 2007
Day 715

I went to the airport early today to meet Daniela when her flight arrived from Guayaquil. She has been doing well since I last saw her, having gone to Spain, France, and Turkey a few months ago. She told me she was thinking of going back to Spain for still more schooling in a couple years. We took the same bus route I took two days ago back to Puerto Ayora and got ready for the cruise.

In the afternoon, we walked back to Bahia Tortuga. I didn't realize it when I was there yesterday, but there were actually two beaches next to each other. The one I had already seen was only used for surfing, but the other one was protected from the open sea, and therefore calm enough to swim and snorkel in. There were piles of lizards laying around everywhere, and I thought it was hilarious that Daniela was afraid of them. They sprayed water out of their noses every now and then, and I attempted to convince Daniela that it was actually acid that they used to make eating their victims easier, but I don't think she bought it.

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