Americans Travel Too!

September 25, 2007
Day 727

Picture of tunnel.

A tree tunnel in the path.

Today I got together with some Americans at my hostel named Brian, Kim, and Ben. They've been traveling around Ecuador for a few weeks, having taken Spanish lessons and traveled through the jungle. The thing that really surprised me was that they all had jobs that allowed them to take three or four months off for a big South American vacation. This was very unusual for Americans as most of the ones I have met are only traveling for a week or less.

The four of us walked along the beach and to the wetlands, some of the largest in the world. There were lots of side paths, which allowed us to see finches, lizards, and crabs. Later in the day, I went to a spot that was supposed to be great for snorkeling, but I found the water cold, the visibility poor, and I didn't see much besides a puffer fish. It wasn't an exciting day, but I did enjoy hanging out and living the relaxed life of a tropical island dweller.

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