The Diagnosis

April 10, 2008
Day 925

I went to the clinic this morning and did blood tests for both malaria and dengue. It turns out that I have dengue and not malaria. That was a good thing because dengue passes through your system and doesn't stay long-term whereas malaria might. Unfortunately, that means that I didn't need to take the malaria treatment, but there shouldn't be any long-term complications from that either. I went to a doctor who told me I should be fine in a few days, but there was no medicine to give me.

I gave going home another long thought, and decided that it was time. What else did I have left to prove? I wasn't enjoying myself as much anymore and was simply putting off the inevitable. I used to feel like I might as well be dead to this world, but now I realize that's not true. I'm the one who has abandoned everyone else, not the other way around. I bought a one-way ticket back to Milwaukee from Cancun on the 19th of April, exactly one and a half years since I was last in the US. That would give me just enough time to pass through Belize for a few days and head up the coast to Cancun. It will be good to be back.

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