Beijing's Summer Palace

Picture of boats.

Lake Kunming, with the Summer Palace in the background.

The Summer Palace undoubtedly is one of Beijing's highlights. It has nearly 900 years of history, during which many emperors have used the park and its fabulous pagodas as a summer retreat. I've been to this UNESCO World Heritage Site a few times, and have always found something new to see. Now that spring is here, I'm sure to return for another visit. Until then, here are some of my photos from the Summer Palace:

Picture of Hall.

The Hall of Virtuous Splendor.

Picture of lion.

Guardian lions protect the palace.

Picture of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is on display.

Picture of musicians.

If you're lucky, you might get to see a musical performance.

Picture of palace.

Beautiful forests surround the palace.

Picture of tree.

Trees must be important. They are held up with these chains and poles.

Picture of welder.

Never mind the construction.

Picture of foundation.

The palace sits on a 20-meter foundation.

Picture of temple.

These traditional buildings are at the top of the hill.

Picture of temple.

The Tower of Buddhist Incense.

Picture of hallway.

These ornately decorated halls surround the Buddhist temple.

Picture of roof.

The roofs have intricate designs.

Picture of lake.

Kunming Lake is next to the palace.

Picture of boats.

You can rent one of these boats to drive around the lake.

Picture of boat.

Perfect for trolling around by yourself.

Picture of boat.

You can also ride in these cool boats.

Picture of people.

And meet the friendly locals.

Picture of bridge.

17 Arches Bridge takes you to Nanhu Island.

Picture of people.

Avoid public holidays, when the crowds are overwhelming.

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