Why 1000 Days?


Learning a new skill takes time. Crash diets don't work. You can't become an expert in chess, finance, or ballet dancing in a day. You can't see the world in a week. Or even a year.

If travel is your passion, slow is the way to go. You'll delve deeper into a culture. You'll have unexpected adventures, make lifelong friends, and maybe even learn a new language or how to cook your favorite dish. It takes a long time to see the world. That's a good thing: it means that you'll never run out of new adventures.

Do you only get a week or two of vacation time per year? Want to know what it takes to do a longer trip? Need advice on saving money? Tips to retouch your photography skills? Do you neglect travel out of fear of losing your job or ruining your resume? Want to travel more, but don't know where to begin?

Then this website is for you!

About Dan Perry

Picture of DanDan started this website to document his travels in Latin America. He originally intended to travel for a year, but there was so much to see and do, his trip ended up taking two and a half years (Day 0 -- Day 934). His time spent between jobs (1053 days if you're keeping track) is the inspiration for this website's name, as well as the title of his book.

Travel is one of Dan's lifelong endeavors. He loves learning about new cultures and customs, making new friends, and picking up new skills. 1000DaysBetween.com is his living memoir, available for anyone to read. Besides tracking his own travels, Dan uses 1000DaysBetween.com to help others with their travel, photography, and life skills.

He currently lives in Beijing, China.

Have questions or feedback? Drop Dan a line.