My travels on the isthmus.

More Colonialness

March 30-31, 2008
Days 914-915

I had another long ride into Guatemala today. It was my sixth country in Central America and my fifth in the month of March. I was getting worn down from moving too fast, but the Central American countries simply didn't impress me as much as anywhere in South America.

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Copan Ruins and Town

March 28-29, 2008
Days 912-913

It was a long day of boring logistics getting to Copan Ruinas that included a ferry back to the mainland and a series of buses. The name of the town implied that it was the site of some ruins, but that wasn't strictly true. It was actually a pleasant,… Read More »

Grease Me Up And Wake Me When the Revolution Comes

March 22-27, 2008
Day 906-911

Rumor had it the earliest ferry left to one of the Bay Islands at 9:00, but to which island was unclear. Truth be told, I was skeptical there even would be a ferry today because it was Easter weekend. But the only way to find out was to get… Read More »

The Real Meaning Of Culture Shock

March 21, 2008
Day 905

The Bay Islands consist of three islands: Utila, Roatan, and some other island I can't remember, but that's not important. The backpackers generally stick with Utila, and those with a bit more money go to Roatan. Sonia had been living in Roatan for the last year, and Ivan was… Read More »

The Colombian, The Spaniard, And the Unreachable Island

March 20, 2008
Day 904

I tried to go to the Bay Islands a week ago but accidentally got dropped off in El Salvador. I had a decent time in Central America's smallest and least visited country, but the time had come for take two in Honduras.

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A Beautiful Colonial Town

March 18-19, 2008
Day 902-903

I had to take a series of four buses to get across the country to the town of Suchitoto, but I was able to do it all in one day. After being in the boring, bland flowery region, I was blown away by the beauty of Suchitoto as soon… Read More »

The Non-Flowery Route

March 16-17, 2008
Day 900-901

I avoided the roaming street gangs and got out of San Salvador as soon as I could figure out the local bus system. My destination was the Ruta de las Flores (Route of the flowers), which the employees at my hotel all enthusiastically recommended. Too bad they didn't tell… Read More »

Divine Intervention

March 15, 2008
Day 899

The day started off easy enough with the early bus out of Managua. We had an easy border crossing into Honduras after a few hours. I found out that you don't even need to get your passport stamped for land crossings between Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, so… Read More »

Another Party To Ruin My Plans

March 14, 2008
Day 898

I took a short bus ride to Managua this afternoon and headed straight for the Tica Bus terminal to buy my ticket to Honduras. I knew that traveling during Semana Santa (the week leading up to Easter) would be difficult because it was a vacation week for most people.… Read More »

The Little City that Could

March 11-13, 2008
Days 895-897

My next stop was the small city of Granada, which, like Ometepe Island, was on Lago Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. Granada was an important trade center from its founding, so much so that the French, English, and the liberals from Leon constantly fought for control throughout… Read More »