My travels through Brazil.

Another Beautiful Beach

April 11, 2007
Day 560

Today I made the long walk to the other side of the island on the only road I've seen so far. There are no regular vehicles allowed on the island, so the only people who use it are park rangers and police. The town on the other side was… Read More »

Parrot Peak

April 9, 2007
Day 558

This morning I walked with my parents past the town of Abraao and over to Praia Preta, the black beach. Next to the beach were the ruins of the Lazareto Prison, which was originally a shelter for travelers and immigrants in quarantine from 1871 until 1910.… Read More »

A Big Paradise Island

April 8, 2007
Day 557

The Portuguese Godfather was at it again today. He loomed over me as I ate, just waiting for me to make a mistake. This time I was too freaked out to ask him for anything extra. After breakfast, we packed everything up and checked out. When I paid the… Read More »

Jesus on a Hill

April 7, 2007
Day 556

As is normally the case in Brazil, breakfast was included today at our hotel. However, instead of the normal potpourri of fruits, pastries, and fresh juices, here we just got some bread, crackers, and a cup of coffee. All of the tables already had the food set up for… Read More »

Checking Out Rio

April 6, 2007
Day 555

It took a long time to get to Rio de Janeiro. The taxi showed up early and the driver was eagerly waiting for us. That wasn't a surprise; he slyly set the meter to "2," the higher rate that's used during nights and weekends. We got to the airport… Read More »

Brazilian Iguacu

April 5, 2007
Day 554

Today it was time to see the Brazilian side of Iguacu Falls. At the entrance was a museum explaining the history of the falls and the ongoing effort to protect the area's phenomenal nature. It was a nice introduction to the falls and everything was written in Portuguese, English,… Read More »

World's Largest Dam Propaganda

April 4, 2007
Day 553

It was already time to leave Argentina, so we decided to do a bit of shopping early this morning. My mom wanted to get some mate (the tea made from yerba leaves that Argentines are always drinking), and she was overwhelmed by the number of choices. They really take… Read More »

Return to Iguazu

April 3, 2007
Day 552

It had been nearly a year since I last went to Iguazu Falls, but the flashbacks began as soon as I left the hotel with my mom and dad this morning. The bus station, the ride past the five-star resorts on the way to the park, all of the… Read More »

A Parental Reunion

April 2, 2007
Day 551

I got up early this morning to meet my parents at the Rio de Janeiro airport. Based on how long it took to get here the other day, I figured the bus ride would take an hour, plus I had to allow another hour for the bus to come… Read More »